A uniquely crafted thriller with glimpses into psychotic dimensions, Private Investigator Irvine is lured into a haunting Neo-Noir world in search of missing 19 year old Lily Beaumont. Traverse the abandoned property of Maine’s wealthiest family, the Wescott’s located near an old lighthouse.  

Try the Alpha demo today! 

Love Monsters! was created by 2 developers and 1 artist over the course of 6 months. 

It started as a 2013 Global Game Jam prototype and it was so well received that we totally made it ready to be played on your iOS device! We spent countless hours polishing this to perfection using traditional hand-painted art! The game is fun, addictive and bursting with joy! 

Collect Love Points, earn achievements, unlock awesome costumes, and challenge your friends and family to get a high score! You won't find anything like this on the app store!

The Shadow Knights team will be at Regal Con in Irvine California on June 24th & 25th.  Come and test out the VR version of The Lighthouse and meet the team behind the game.  

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The Lighthouse April Update! 

The team is still working hard on The Lighthouse. This month we have a lot of new content to share with you including art, new game features and a new version of the alpha demo. 

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